Sunday, July 4, 2010

Gladiators (ish) for guys?

Gladiators and strappy sandal shoes look great on women, but what about the guys? Women take our clothes all the time? Why can't we borrow a sandal here and there?

I first started noticing this footwear for men in the Spring/Summer 2010 shows. It only showed up only a couple times so it had me wondering, is this just the beginning?

(Givenchy, Alexander Mcqueen)

After I saw the Givenchy ones though I will admit, I was hooked.

But recently it seems like the mens gladiator has started to show up more regularly on sites like Looks like they've entered mainstream street fashion.

I found these on the topman website

Ok these do look more digestible than the Givenchy ones up top. But why NOW? I have no clue. The only two reasons I can think of is the recent idea of bondage that has been played around with in fashion recently. And the straps around the foot (one of the most common fetishes) give off a little sexual innuendo that might just bring people to subconsciously like it. OR we are having a historical rehashing of ancient times.
And for those who diss the manliness of these shoes, wasn't the Roman gladiator considered a defining part of the ancient culture linked to combat fighting? I mean, how much more MANLY can you get?
Oh did I forget to mention Jesus also probably wore these types of shoes?
And I mean come on, who would want to diss Jesus (other than Kathy Griffin)?

Whatever the reason
It seems like these shoes are here to stay, at least for now, in women's and (possibly) men's fashion.

I guess it's another example of how fashion shifts over the ages.
BUT, the question still stands, good or bad?
I mean hey, we did it once?
Why not again?

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