Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Couture Shows Were...expensive?

The titans of fashion currently (or already) showed their couture collections for the upcoming winter. Chanel had Leo the Lion, Dior had many many flowers, and Armani had old-Hollywood glam, Givenchy was just pure awesomeness, Valentino had some girly volume, and Jean-Paul was just Jean-Paul.

Now what does this mean for most of the population?

Except, that their are people still willing to spend a fortune on clothes. Which helps the world economy, so whatever.

So even though the prices of one of those pretty little dresses costs in the upward ranges of a pretty little good-sized U.S. home, you can still admire the pretty little pictures.

Which will be coming soon!
But for now you can view the pictures at the "online home of fashion"

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